Re: [RML] who rainbowfish

Andrew Boyd (andrew at
Thu, 30 Jan 1997 17:55:19 +1100 (EST)

On Wed, 29 Jan 1997, Roy Hunter wrote:

> who rainbowfish

Here is is again... I really should post this information automatically
at the start of every month, it would save me some time...

What Rooster has sent above is a majordomo listserver command... which is
OK to send to the list if you want absolutely everyone on the list to
know that you've forgotten the majordomo address... maybe it's my fault,
I should have made this clearer in the newinfo FAQ, I'll have to look
at it again.

Anyhow, to get a list of who is on the RML, send mail to:
majordomo at with:

who rainbowfish

in the body of the text. You can get a complete list of majordomo
commands (well, user commands anyhow) by sending the words "Bite Me" or,
indeed, anything else that majordomo isn't configured for, to the
majordomo address. If something doesn't work quite the way it should,
please let Alan Ford (aford at or myself (andrew at
know, under no circumstances is any mail to be sent to the majordomo
administrator, (postmaster at, this has only happened once as
far as I know and Peter Wishart of the AUUG was very good about it - but
he is not being paid to do his job, nobody concerned with this list is,
so if you do hassle him then bad things will happen to you.... Please
note no smileys in this paragraph.

The bottom line? Majordomo is a rough old dog but well fed will serve us
*all* well for a long time.

Regards, Andrew Boyd
(Co-moderaptor, RML)