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Christopher Philip Benes (beneschr at
Thu, 30 Jan 1997 01:50:41 -0500 (EST)

> I'm almost positive that rubbermaid stuff is made of polyethylene or
> polypropylene, both pretty tough to stick glue to. when people are
> using the larger, non clear boxes for pond filters they are using
> fittings that have gaskets on both sides and they screw into each
> other to make a watertight seal. If it has to be watertight you
> might have a problem unless you can use the gasket method, especially
> if it has to support any water pressure.
Yes, it is tough to get stuff to stick to it. I've got some plastic trays that
I want to centrally filter to hatch eggs in, but I'm hooking 10+ together,
though, so using like a bulkhead fitting on each would get to be pretty
expensive. Were I rich, I'd use Rainbow Lifeguard fittings, but at like $5
each that'd be pretty expensive. The trays were only $2 each! If anyone can
tell me if 2 part epoxy is toxic or not I'd like to know, as that stuff is
pretty cheap to try...


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