Re: [RML] Waterfall Creek Rainbow

drews at
Sun, 19 Jan 1997 05:17:27 -0500

Cary wrote...I'd hate to think we have another one, but is it possible this is
another cross from that breeder who's making up his own scientific
names? I know the marci is in the states and a boesemani cross being
sold under the trifasciata name. But I'm not aware of any other
deliberate misrepresentations. Well that is other than many fish out

Cary, Roy and any other of you "RAINBOW" guys should be totally embarrassed by
your lack of knowledge on M.pierucciae(sp?);-). I'm in a rush here so the
spelling may be wrong but this is a newly described species that think is one of
the Triton lakes species. AS I said I'm in a rush here so the details will be
thin BUT the point is I know this to be a legit species and I can't believe you
other know it alls;-) are in the dark on this one. Any of you get the IRG
publication? It's available for trade in Europe. THe fish is named after one of
Heiko's partners.