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Mon, 1 Feb 1999 01:31:32 +0100

Piabinha at schrieb:

> harro, what does the goby #9 look like? is it from brackish/hard water or
> soft/neutral? why do you say Q. stramineus is difficult to keep?


I don't know yet how exactly No. 9 looks, however, I will know in 2 weeks as
this will be our title photo of our next "Rainbowfish" issue. I'll send an
attached photo to you after I have the photo (and to anybody else interested).

I haven't had Craterocephalus stramineus (the generic name changed a few years
ago) myself yet (hope to have it soon as the Australian exporter is very active
and has also sent fish to Germany already - and to UK), but a friend had them
(he's a good breeder) and I think also Gilbert Maebe (excellent breeder) had
them and they couldn't breed them for more than one generation. Don't know why
yet. They can't subscribe Bruce's words of easy keeping and breeding. And also
the parent fishes became less and less with the time without any signs of

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