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Roy you better get used to beer in a can.


Roy Hunter wrote:
> Too funny!
> You made the Doc's place sound a little better than it is Adrian... You
> forgot to mention the stinking beasts, Land mines in the back yard, Washing
> machine that only works if you kick it, and green ginger wine that has the
> taste of soy...
> AND he buy's beer in a can!
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> Date: Wednesday, February 18, 1998 6:24 PM
> Subject: [RML] ANGFA Convention (SPAM)
> >While I am sitting here with nothing better to do or say I thought I might
> >give you all a brief Rainbowfish Keepers guide to Brisbane and its delights
> >for those of you that might be considering visiting Sunny Queensland or
> >Brisbane in particular for the ANGFA Convention later this year.
> >
> >Now anybody contemplating staying at the "Hansen Holiday Haven" at lovely
> >Lawnton (a 4 stubbies and picnic lunch drive from my place) there are a few
> >things you have to know. First of all you have to give up smoking, stop
> >chawing tobacco and drink plenty of CHEAP Green Ginger Wine.
> >
> >This establishment comes complete with Swimming Pool although you have to
> >share it with the aquatic plants and fish. Incidentally, ANGFA (Qld) uses
> >this pool for training new members in the art of collecting fish and
> plants.
> >All new Members have to get a collecting permit and to obtain it you have
> to
> >dive (or jump, if you cant dive) into the Swimming Pool and catch 10
> >rainbowfishes and 2 gudgeons. You also have to correctly identify 5 aquatic
> >plant species.
> >
> >For old fellows like me you can just simply sit on the side and dangle your
> >hairy legs into the water while consuming a glass or two of that CHEAP
> Green
> >Ginger Wine. As the fishes come near to nibble at the hairs on your legs
> all
> >you have to do is take a big swipe at them (the fish) with a very large dip
> >net as they swim by. However, if you're not very good at catching the
> >required numbers you will have probably consumed too many glasses of that
> >CHEAP Green Ginger Wine and just fall into the Pool (but hey, that's half
> >the fun). But don't worry there is always a Doctor in the House ~ perhaps a
> >little inebriated but still very capable. BTW I still haven't managed to
> get
> >my permit yet ;-)
> >
> >Other attractions to watch out for are the resident canines as they will
> >certainly make you feel at home. Also be careful where you walk, as you
> will
> >occasionally encounter the odd red-bellied snake. Finally make sure you
> take
> >your own coffee. "Dr. Hansen Snake Oil" is guaranteed to cure you of any
> bad
> >caffeine habits you may have acquired over the years. Also make sure you
> >wipe your feet before you go through the bedroom to visit the fishroom. You
> >know, the Docs favourite line for visiting Widows is "You wanta see my
> >fish". Overall I give the "Hansen Hilton" a 3 star rating. Now if they only
> >allowed smoking I might consider giving it a 4 star rating!
> >
> >While in Brisbane you must visit the "Meiklejohn Mansion" it also comes
> with
> >a Swimming Pool and has one of those gadgets that follows you around and
> >cleans the pool as you swim. The Meiklejohn Mansion is partly
> >air-conditioned and contains all the high tech computer stuff you will ever
> >need. I think it even has cable TV. A must see though is the Honey Pond (NO
> >not that sort), a Honey Blue-eye pond where you can see the proper colours
> >that Honey Blue-eyes show in the wild. Nets are prohibited and smoking is
> >allowed out on the terrace. Overall, a 3 and a half star rating.
> >
> >Also yawl will be welcomed to visit the "Tappin Tavern" a somewhat little
> >run down establishment that's seen too many kids, grand kids and fish
> >committee meetings. Just enter through the broken screen door at the front
> >(no, I haven't fixed it yet Roy!). Air conditioning is provided by the
> >natural bay breezes that it gets occasionally, although not many this
> summer
> >:-(
> >
> >However if you enjoy the odd glass of beer or better still wish to sample
> >one of Queenslands best Rums and don't mind the odd passive smoking attack
> >(Roy just loves it particularly after staying at the Hansen Hilton), then
> >this is the place to visit. You might even see some rainbowfishes (if you
> >have time) and get some good old time ANGFA stories. No Swimming Pool is
> >provided as all that healthy stuff just wastes good drinking time. You'll
> >have to apply your own star rating!
> >
> >
> >
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> > Adrian R. Tappin
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> >
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