Bjorn Straube (straube at
Tue, 17 Feb 1998 22:55:04 -0500

Hell, I did not realize it was one and the same! Well duh ;) Just got
through dumping a tbsp into my fy tank <g> Seriously, how do you keep
the stuff on the surface? Most of mine sinks and I'm loosing fry :(


caryho at wrote:

> In The Dawn of the Third Age Bjorn Straube <straube at> woke
> me from my contemplation by writing:
> >Hi all,
> > I have been somewhat unsuccessful at finding APR at my
> >LFS, they can't/won't even order it for me :( Any one have
> >a clue? I know that this was asked before but I don't
> >remember.
> >
> >Bjorn
> >
> >Maybe Cary was right about minds and florida drivers
> >licenses;)
> >
> Of course I was, I've driven down there.
> You can try That Fish Place for OSI Micro-Food AKA APR.
> There number is 1-888-THAT PET
> They still carry the small size for $1.99. I haven't seen the larger
> container anywhere for quite a while now. You'll probably end up
> paying more for shipping than for one container of food, so you may
> want to check into what else you need.
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