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Roy Hunter (rainbows01 at
Wed, 26 Feb 1997 18:22:55 -0700

Send a complaint to his postmaster Alan. Its the right way, and see what
happens. Gordon did request to become a member of ANGFA NA by the way. He
has a lot to offer knowledge wise in respect to the fish however I do wish
he presented himself in a more professional, less anoying manner. I think
you call that respect......

Roy Hunter
ANGFA of North America
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> From: Alan Ford <aford at>
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> Subject: Re: [RML] Re: Beavis & Butthead
> Date: Wednesday, February 26, 1997 4:27 PM
> Hi Guys/Gals of the RML.
> Andrew and I take this opportunity to thank all those list members who
> sending in their support for the way the LIST is run. Your support is
> warming. Many replies have been sent to the list and Andrew and I
> It appears Mr. Hides (Wildgrove) insists on replying to e-mails via the
> LIST, and without drastic action we can't stop him (anyone can send to
> E-mail address). It is very obvious that at least one of our list
> (a spy in my book) is forwarding our E-mail to Gordon. This is
> and most unfortunate. I might add that Gordon brought this on himself.
> my opinion, I don't want Gordon to have anything to do with the list, he
> his chance and blew it. (Thats for those who may say so what!) ;-)
> The only course of action that I am *considering* taking is: To vet all
> e-mail *before* it is posted on the LIST. Yes I can do that if he
> continues. The upshot wil be that all communication *will* be slowed
> by at least a couple of days (or however long it takes).
> I will not ask Andrew to assist me in this task as he is busy enough.
> Now this will be the only E-mail that we don't mind the SPY sending
Gordon. :-)
> Those who disaprove of this correspondence and course of action may leave
> now if they like. :-( :-( :-(
> Cheers
> Alan Ford ( CC to Andrew Boyd, Co-Owner RML)
> Co-Owner RML
> At 08:11 AM 2/26/97 -0800, you wrote:
> >If anyone cares for my opinion I like this list just the way it is.
> >Who wants to be serious all the time? Geez, don't we get enough of
> >that in our non-virtual lives? I have three children, I hardly ever
> >even leave my house. The chat on this list is pretty much my only
> >contact with the outside world. I'd be extremly dissapointed if it
> >ever changed.
> >
> >I even look forward to the exchanges between Roy and Peter, besides
> >they are much safer miles apart exchangeing on the list than when you
> >have them together in real life.<g>
> >
> >I'm on a list that's all serious stuff. I hardly ever even read the
> >messages becouse they all seem like a bunch of stuffed shrits that
> >take themselves all too seriously. This is fun and informative.
> >
> >I don't understand why people feel the need to offer so much
> >complaint. It's like going into someones house and then telling them
> >their decorating stinks. It's just plain rude if nothing else.
> >
> >Maybe you should add a statement to new members and on your sig files:
> >
> >Members of this list are a bunch of fun loving people that like to
> >chat and goof off too. We have a sense of humour. If you have no time
> >for friends or interaction with others this list is not for you.
> >
> >Rhonda
> >
> >
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