[RML] forced diet ok?

VERMILLION, DIANNE (DVER at son.rochester.edu)
Fri, 21 Feb 97 09:54:00 est

I am planning a vacation north into Canada for spring break and will be away
for 4 days. I can't find anyone (that I trust) to feed my fish while I am
away. Last time the fish feeder created a disaster.

Question: If I feed them on day one before I leave, and on day 4 when I get
back, will they be ok without being fed for 2 days? (in august it will be a
7 day period, will that be ok ?)
They currently are fed 2x a day, should I cut back to once a day for a few
days before I leave? Special food- spirulina or frozen blood worms or

I have G incisus, G wanawho? (hybrid), M boesmani, M praecox, in one tank
and M lacustris with 3 angels, 6 SAEs and 2 cats in the other tank. OH, will
my bushy nosed plecks be OK?.

Thanks for the help,
Its 60 and balmy here in Rochester, NY-tomorrow 30s again.