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Hi! Gordon Hides here.....Yes, the old used car dealer (one truth among the
numerous rumours circulating) is on line.
I have just waded through the Rainbowfish Mailing List on the Internet. I
have never in my life read so much B.S. as the stuff poured out by Peter
Unmack. Who is this bloke? Where is he from? What has he ever done except
find the red-finned blue eye? Yes Peter. I did get some. I bred them. I
exported them. They are as easy to breed as other rainbows, discus,
lungfish etc provided you don't listen to advice from scientists, hobbyists
etc and just give them their natural food and conditions.
Bruce Hansen, Adrian Tappin and Barry Meiklejohn gave sensible replies to
the heap of garbage being tossed around. Why spend hours and hours talking
about hybrids in the wild when we all know it just doesn't happen.
Some of you don't know me so here's a little background information.
The first "unofficial" A.N.G.F.A. meeting was held at my flat in Kedron
approx. 15 years ago. Present were myself, Adrian Tappin and "Monty"
Hiedke. For over 5 years before this, I had been fascinated with
collecting and breeding Aust and N.G. native fish. My family history can be
traced in New Guinea history. My father was a gold prospector and explorer
and his brother a patrol officer, explorer and author in P.N.G. They should
have sent back rainbows instead of gold.
Yes I did obtain praecox but not until other A.N.G.F.A. members had
already had the fish for over two months. People in glass houses etc., etc.
Illegal importing has gone on for years and always will go on until the
fish are made legal imports.
As for lungfish, I have raised quite a few with excellent results - 95%
hatch and survival rate - under normal aquaculture conditions. Not one egg
in sterilized water in a sterilized egg cup! Has anyone ever come across
sterilized water in the wild?
Barry Crockford imported lacustris legally but he had only one survive and
he was going to attempt to cross it with (I think) monticolor or
Fortunately someone found three wild caught lacustris which were
accidentally??? dropped in a gutter at Tullamarine (or was it Essendon?)
Airport. Also some lacustris were here overnight under quarantine
conditions and these just happened to lay eggs. This is where the current
lacustris stock came from. We could discuss bleheri, poppendetta,
misoolensis etc, etc. We all know about the illegal imports but it is not
in our own interests to make waves. Who has done anything about Arowana
advertised in the Courier Mail 8-02-97 or the Tilapia advertised in the
Cairns Post about 2 months ago?
Before I first applied to import rainbowfish 9 years ago, Rolly McKay and
Glen Lieper had determinedly fought for and succeeded in having them
removed from the allowed import list. (Since then, Rolly has altered his
opinion and co-operated in attempts to have them returned to the list.) The
application was unsuccessful because of arguments against their
importation tendered by Helen Larson and Walter Ivanstoff.
Four years ago I again applied to A.C.O.L.F. to import 10 species of
rainbows. This application has now been turned over to A.N.C.A. and during
the long delay, 5 of the species I requested became available in Australia.
So I again approached A.N.C.A. and asked to change the application to 5
genuses - melanotaenia, glosseliopis, chilatherina, pseudomugil and kiunga.
They approved the change of application 6 months ago and I have heard
nothing since.
I have approached A.N.G.F.A. through the National President and others
for assistance and co-operation with these applications and have been met
with ridicule and resistance.
I was dismayed at the avoidance of, or ignorance of, the facts that was
displayed in the President's Report in the latest A.N.G.F.A bulletin.
Some of these facts are
Fisheries license fees - $200 first year and then $92 p.a.
There are 6 (including me) LICENSED aquarium fish breeders in Queensland.
There are over 1000 UNLICENSED breeders and/or collectors (who supplement
an income - dole or job - or work full time at fish) in Queensland.
Three of Australia's largest wholesalers have up to 26 listings of wild
caught fish. Some even advertise them as wild caught.
It is not only A.N.G.F.A auctions. There are auctions all over
some of them advertised to the general public, not just club members,

selling fish for a few cents each. Fish auctions set the market price
just as
motor auctions and real estate auctions set the market price.
I have found D.P.I. Fisheries and Q.F.M.A. helpful and co-operative
because I don't tell them lies or B.S.
I believe I have said enough for people who are genuinely interested in
the future of the native and exotic aquarium fish to do some serious
thinking about. What I have said can be substantiated. At the moment,
selling legally bred fish is a mug's game because it is impossible to make
a profit.
Peter Unmack---Get a life!!!!

Gordon Hides.

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