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Bruce Hansen (bruceh at powerup.com.au)
Fri, 25 Feb 2000 08:04:06 +1000

My understanding is that you need to apply to AQIS Graeme - and they will
tell you that it is forbidden . Then they will probably put you on a "watch"
list as a potential smuggler to check on any time you leave or enter the

I agree with Adrian that the law as it stands is full of inconsistencies but
it is there to protect Australia's aquatic industries and to a large part it
has been successful. However if they had a rational approval and quarantine
mechanism not just a blanket ban then we might have some hope of deterring
smugglers and avoid fish and eggs coming in unsupervised and unquarantined
with the consequent risk of numerous potentially catastrophic fish diseases
being introduced.

Officially ANGFA is opposed to smuggling but we do support review of the
rationale used to exclude rainbowfish while other more potentially noxious
aquarium species are readily approved.

Bruce Hansen
president at angfa.org.au
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