RE: [RML] what fish are there in the Eden, NSW area

Matthew Stanton (matthews at
Tue, 22 Feb 2000 11:37:40 +1100

You will need to go at least as far as Bega for the Blue-eyes or over the
GDR for the M. fluviatilis (Port Macquarie for other rainbows).

There are gudgeons around Eden but most of them are pretty hard to find. You
should be able to find Congoli, Galaxids (mostly brevepinnis) and Bass.
There are also Atherinosoma microstomata, mullet and smelt. If you are
really lucky you might find a Grayling (a protected fish).

Yes, you need a license. If you are using standard methods you need a
freshwater fishing license, available from any fishing tackle shop for a
small fee. If you are using non standard methods such as fine nets then you
will need a scientific collecting permit which is available from the

Permits Clerk
Fisheries Licensing
NSW Fisheries
Locked Bag 9
Pyrmont NSW

This is free but will take a few weeks.

You should also inform any land owner or manager of what you are doing.

Eden is not the most interesting collecting location but it does have one
great feature. There are almost no exotic fish species there!


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> Hi all, just a quick question, i am going to Eden for a holiday in a few
> weeks and was wondering what sort of fish i could expect to find, i
> especially would like to catch some P. signifer, and and rainbows that
> might
> be in the area ( M. fluviatilis??)
> Would any one know of this area and maybe suggest some locations to try.
> Thanks
> And also do i need a fishing licence in NSW to colect these fish??
> Thanks in advance
> Troy Hixon
> Wizard