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At 22:22 7/02/00 +1000, Bruce wrote:
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>> I have seen bigger Rainbows than any Doug had on several occasions (sorry
>> Doug). The monsters at Lam's Parramatta store several years ago impressed
>> even me.
>> PS: On a collecting trip to the South Coast of NSW on the weekend (albeit
>> CDAS-organised one) we kept a fine ANGFA tradition alive, Bruce - we drank
>> our share of Stone's :)
>Thanks Andrew
>Were those the 8 inch incisus Andy kept telling me about??

Hehehe, remember that it was a man telling you it was 8 inches ;)

Seriously I saw one then that would have been at least 6 inches long -
goodness only knows what they fed that one!

>I think that "Stones" GGW is a mandatory part of collecting gear ;-)

Indeed, and when mixed with VB it turns into that nastiest of all the
animals, the Brown Dog. I was well and truly bitten by this animal! :)

Cheers, Andrew

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