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Attacking Tassie Devils........I have to say that the noise they make when fighting amongst one another for scraps etc is pretty horrible and an unsuspecting camper may wonder if they were under attack...Their common name apparently is as a result of their Nocturnal nature and viscous fighting noises.
    Thats about where it ends though, basically they are big chickens! The usual trick whilst camping in Tasmania and being under "attack" was to open the tent and  roar at them. This usually resulted in a brief period of silence followed by the sound of a dozen or so devils scurrying for cover. It was usually enough to let you get the rest of the nights sleep in peace.
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Devil attacks? Pretty unlikely I think Gary - they are essentially nocturnal scavengers and carrion eaters. I hear that they could be a noisy pest at night munching on scraps left around the camp and growling and fighting amongst themselves.

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