RE: [RML] it's amazing what you find in stores...

Roger Sleet (rsleet at
Wed, 2 Feb 2000 16:41:00 -0000

The LFS here has Freshwater Morays, they are small and brown.

I believe Freshwater Sharksar also found in Lake Managua.

Roger Sleet - in the UK

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> > There were slides of freshwater morays from PNG at the ANGFA conference
> > here in Canberra last year. They were like giant "tire-track" eels in
> > colour with a moray head. Can't remember the species, the location, or
> the
> > photographer ;)
> well, these were colorless, just a dull grey.
> mach mentioned freshwater sharks. the only ones i heard of were in the
> amazon, but they are not very big, and certainly not available in the
> hobby.
> tsuh yang chen, nyc, USA
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