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Wed, 21 Dec 2005 17:36:42 -0800 (PST)

Tagging onto what Peter, Pete and Gary have suggested, the more of the established tank you can import to the new tank, the more "established" the new tank will be. As Guenther has suggested, it is still wise to start with a modest population.

Bringing water from an established tank is good, but (so I am told) really brings relatively few beneficial bacteria. However it doesn't have the high carbon dioxide or free nitrogen level that tap water (here anyway) has. The estalished water does usually have more free oxygen, something tap water here (Chicagoland) is pretty deficient in. Also the tank water should long ago have shed the chloramines common here. Maybe the chemicals used here to buffer the pH (alim among other things) hopefully will also have been bonded.

Is there any wonder fish die in new water!

Bacteria of the sorts which break down ammonia, nitrites and nitrates live on the sides and "structure" in a tank. I have a set-up tank from which I start new tanks. Not only water is added to the new tank, but also a layer of gravel, if possible a ripe filter as has been suggested and as many plants as can be spared. Don't have driftwood or rocks to spare. Everything is moved wet.

The more you can clone a tank from another, the better. Soon after that tank is set up, it would be good to introduce the fish or the bacteria, which have been processing waste products, may otherwise decline in numbers from starvation.

Faster growing plants such as water sprite, hornwort, the "bunch plants" and Najas (hated by the aquatic gardeners because it grows too fast) are useful. The plants, in that they use nitrogen, don't really encourage the development of the nitrogen cycle, but they are comforting for the fish and may help the tank over rough spots when substances spike. Your rainbows will thank you. :)

All the best!
Scott (not a chemist) Davis

I run an extra sponge filter in a tank so if/when I need to setup an extra tank in a hurry it is ready to go.


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