Re: [RML] Re: ethoxyquin

H. Hoekstra (hugo at
Mon, 23 Aug 1999 17:14:50 +0100

Hello Brian,

On 23-Aug-99, BLang1234 at wrote:

><< It causes tumors and deformaties in fish, dogs,
> guinee pigs, rabbits, etc. Vitamin C is a natural and safe preservative, but

> fish food companies like Ethoxyquin because it's cheaper. I wouldn't use
> any product that contains it! >>

>Hmmmm. ethoxyquin is in virtually every dog food available in the USA at
>least. As a veterinarian, I really can't say that the dogs here are all dying
>of tumors.
>Brian Lang DVM

I should have wrote 'it *can* cause tumors'. There are a lot of people who
say it's safe, and that is also the argument that they use. Still I wouldn't
use food with this preservative since other (better) alternatives are
available, why take the chance.

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Hugo Hoekstra