[RML] Re: bent spine

Roger Sleet (rsleet at charitynet.org)
Tue, 17 Aug 1999 15:09:47 +0100

After months of lurking I thought I'd better finally post something.

I've got a pair of Melanotaenia splendida. I bought them as rubrostriata but
I'm pretty sure thay are M. s. splendida. They look nothing like the other
rubrostriata I've had, or like the pictures I've seen. The male looks exactly
like the picture of M. s. spledida in Gerald Allen's book.

In the winter the female got very hollow, and her back started to arch, although
she appeared to be feeding OK. My immediate reaction was - it's only a matter
of time, but while she is still feeding and swimming OK I'll leave her be.

Recently she has filled out, almost to her old size again, and her back has
straightened :-))). I must admit I'm stunned. The question is why? Did she
have some sort of infection which she has now recovered from, or was it dietary.
I tend to give the fish far more flake in the winter, and last winter live food
was in very short supply. Lately they have been getting regular feeds from my
Mosquito larvae and blood worm "cultures". Is it time to start culturing stuff
for the winter - if so what? Do fruit fly & white worms seem a good idea? I
already have a red worm culture, do 'bows like these chopped? (They are usually
reserved for the cichlids and fed whole).

Roger Sleet
in the UK