[RML] Re: bent spine

H. Hoekstra (hugo at pondlibrary.org)
Tue, 17 Aug 1999 17:58:15 +0100

On 17-Aug-99, Roger Sleet wrote:
>After months of lurking I thought I'd better finally post something.

>I've got a pair of Melanotaenia splendida. I bought them as rubrostriata but
>I'm pretty sure thay are M. s. splendida. They look nothing like the other
>rubrostriata I've had, or like the pictures I've seen. The male looks
>like the picture of M. s. spledida in Gerald Allen's book.

>In the winter the female got very hollow, and her back started to arch,
>she appeared to be feeding OK. My immediate reaction was - it's only a
>of time, but while she is still feeding and swimming OK I'll leave her be.

>Recently she has filled out, almost to her old size again, and her back has
>straightened :-))). I must admit I'm stunned. The question is why? Did she
>have some sort of infection which she has now recovered from, or was it
>I tend to give the fish far more flake in the winter, and last winter live
>was in very short supply. Lately they have been getting regular feeds from
>Mosquito larvae and blood worm "cultures". Is it time to start culturing
>for the winter - if so what? Do fruit fly & white worms seem a good idea?
>already have a red worm culture, do 'bows like these chopped? (They are
>reserved for the cichlids and fed whole).

Congrats on the recovery Roger, first time I ever hear of a fish recovering
from a bent spine : )
Does your flake food by any chance have Ethoxyquin as a preservative in it?


Hugo Hoekstra