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I have also wondered that but have had mine in a separate aquarium for some
time. I did lose some of the original ones which were in with some
Boesemani. However, I thought the problem was probably aggression between
males at the time. They were in the bottom of a 20XT. Now, I don't know.
When I saw I was down to three, I moved those to a 20L and after a time
they spawned...and didn't stop. :) I do have some babies in with some
Boesemani babies now, so will see how that goes.

I would like to get some new stock at some point. I came across one person
who had some but lost contact.

Also, thanks so much for the signifers and cyanos, and the swords. I didn't
get many from all the eggs but the ones that did make it are doing well on
neglect. :( I'm in the process of cleaning out a 20 gal tank so I can
actually see how beautiful they are. I was out of room so put them in a 20
gal plastic container and unfortunately that cuts down visability. The
swords are looking really nice, too!

Oh, and I recall now I did have one question. In the article you suggested
5 pairs of peacocks plus some small bows for a 10 gal. Maybe I just give my
fish a lot of room, but think maybe a few less would have been better,
especially for beginners?


At 02:53 PM 4/23/00 -0500, you wrote:
>I've reworked a similiar article for the RSG, so hopefully we'll be having
>another newsletter soon. Hopefully it will get some more people excited
>about gudgeons and the organizations. Thanks again for supplying me with
>those fish.
>I was wondering if anyone else had noticed, do peacock gudgeons get TB?
>Several times in the past I would get these fish and then they would start
>to waste away. I usually put them into a tank with some rainbows and I
>always thought it was just that I used too big of a bow and the peacocks
>died of starvation or from being picked on. I've also managed to kill them
>in the past by not paying close attention to water quality. My water
>doesn't have much buffering capacity and they seem to really suffer when the
>pH drops below about 6.5. On this last go-around I decided to give them
>enough room and only place very peaceful rainbowfish in with them. I also
>made sure that the tank had never seen any TB problems. Now they are
>breeding like canefield rats. I've got to make some more tank space for
>another group of fry though.
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>>Great article and photos of the peacock gudgeons in the new issue of AFM!
>>Congrats! I haven't been keeping up with recent magazine issues but made
>>sure to open this one right away when I saw them mentioned on the cover.
>>And you said you didn't have any luck with them <g>.