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I found that nearly all of my babies had the black on the fins but that
percentage wasn't female. Some seemed to lose it after a time. I stopped
relying on it until they were at least 1/2 to 3/4 inch size. BTW, I don't
have any cover on my 20Ls although do have a lot of java moss in one of
them which maintains a self sustaining population. I like that because I
can harvest some for club auctions and not do much work in between. :)


At 07:07 AM 4/25/00 +1000, you wrote:
>I found 3 things were important to Peacocks - a good tight cover glass (I
>lost more from jumping out than all other causes combined), pH (neutral to
>above) and food ( they are carnivores and seem to need live or at least
>Also remember that they are territorial so enough space and cover helps -
>BTW it always was interesting to see how variable the amount of black in the
>females anal fin could be. This is usually the earliest sex difference to
>become evident - just occasionally there is none and you need to rely on
>body shape, fin size, colour etc and you need more mature fish for that.
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