Fw: [RML] White spots on eyes of m. bosemani

Gary Lange (gwlange at stlnet.com)
Sun, 23 Apr 2000 15:22:54 -0500

This is a little late but hopefully you can make some use of it. At the
last FOTAS (Fed of Texax Aquarium Societies) convention I got the
opportunity to hear Dave speak on fish diseases. I thought he had mentioned
something about the white spots on fish eyes but I couldn't remember what he
had said so I forwarded your message. Thought I would have been alerted if
he had said something about TB but I guess I missed it. Eric in your
original message you didn't say anything about just how much of a water
change you do or what sort of a fish load you have on the tank. With that
soft water of yours you can get a pH bounce. I would also suggest doing
several weekly 50% water changes if you aren't close to that now. If you
have a planted tank obviously you should remove them before adding that much
salt. Probably any corys too. Hope they clear up for you.

gary lange

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From: David Schleser <natimg at flash.net>
To: Gary Lange <gwlange at stlnet.com>
Date: Tuesday, April 18, 2000 10:26 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: [RML] White spots on eyes of m. bosemani

>Hi Gary,
>Good to hear from you. When are you going to go on one of my Peruvian
>fish collecting trips??????
>If these white spots look like what I think they do, they are usually the
>of infections of the cornea secondary to injury from poor water conditions.
>start as a cloudiness, then seem to grow a pimple in the center of the
>area, and then the pimple seems to burst and crater. I would check the
>quality for pH and nitrates, do a big water change, clean filters
>if they are long neglected undergravel type). Then move affected fishes to
>separate tank with a well conditioned sponge filter, 1 tbs. salt per gallon
>an antibiotic that will not destroy biological filtration. I like Furan-2.
>This is a different condition than what I think that I spoke about. What I
>mentioned was a pimple developing in the soft tissue of the orbit around
>eye, and sometimes at the bases of fins. This is fish TB, or
mycobacteriosis and
>By the way, I am the on-line freshwater fish "Expert" for Petstore.com.
>can send me a question and I will answer it within 72 hours. Write me at
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>Dave Schleser
>Gary Lange wrote:
>> Hey Dave,
>> After seeing this email posted on the rainbowfish mail list I thought I
>> remembered you talking about it down in Dallas. I've seen it before and
>> could have sworn you mentioned it in your talk, but I couldn't remember
>> to do for it. If it sounds like an easy answer please blip me back and
>> post it, crediting you. I also want to know if it affects my fish the
>> time. Usually I've seen it when water quality has been a little lax.
>> cheers,
>> gary lange
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>> From: Eric Johnson <etj at nwlink.com>
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>> Date: Monday, April 17, 2000 4:28 PM
>> Subject: [RML] White spots on eyes of m. bosemani
>> >Several, but not all, of my m. bosemanis have developed white spots in
>> middle
>> >of their eyes. others of the same species and other species (m. praecox,
>> cross.
>> >siamensis) in the same tank do not show any problems.
>> >
>> >Any idea what this is and how to treat? As soon as a move a batch of fry
>> from
>> >one of my smaller tanks I'll have a tank available to use as a hispital
>> tank
>> >for the affected fish.
>> >
>> >Also, is there anyone on this list from the Seattle, WA, USA area?
>> >http://www.nwlink.com
>> >