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I've reworked a similiar article for the RSG, so hopefully we'll be having
another newsletter soon. Hopefully it will get some more people excited
about gudgeons and the organizations. Thanks again for supplying me with
those fish.

I was wondering if anyone else had noticed, do peacock gudgeons get TB?
Several times in the past I would get these fish and then they would start
to waste away. I usually put them into a tank with some rainbows and I
always thought it was just that I used too big of a bow and the peacocks
died of starvation or from being picked on. I've also managed to kill them
in the past by not paying close attention to water quality. My water
doesn't have much buffering capacity and they seem to really suffer when the
pH drops below about 6.5. On this last go-around I decided to give them
enough room and only place very peaceful rainbowfish in with them. I also
made sure that the tank had never seen any TB problems. Now they are
breeding like canefield rats. I've got to make some more tank space for
another group of fry though.


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Subject: [RML] Peacock gudgeons in AFM

>Great article and photos of the peacock gudgeons in the new issue of AFM!
>Congrats! I haven't been keeping up with recent magazine issues but made
>sure to open this one right away when I saw them mentioned on the cover.
>And you said you didn't have any luck with them <g>.