RE: [RML] Australias Largest Freshwater Public Aquarium

Matthew Stanton (matthews at
Wed, 12 Apr 2000 11:17:44 +1000

Is "Photo 4" really a Red Claw. It doesn't look like a Cherax but more like
one of your tropical freshwater prawns. I can't remember the name but they
are fished for and apparently taste pretty good.


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> There are rainbowfish in the largest freshwater public aquarium in
> Australia. There are also other creatures that you can look at while you
> are there. Mike Rozac has been working on a web page for the Territory
> Wildlife Park Aquarium and his work can be viewed at
> There are photos
> of
> some native Australians that live in the water around the Northern
> Territory of Australia.
> Dave Wilson