RE: [RML] Australias Largest Freshwater Public Aquarium

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Wed, 12 Apr 2000 18:34:19 +0930

The photo by Neil Armstrong is a Macrobrachium rosenburgi (hope the
spelling is OK) and it is also called a Cherabin by the West Australians,
and Freshwater Prawn by the NT locals. They catch and eat rainbowfish
when kept in the same aquarium. We caught some this afternoon in the
Adelaide River, one was about 25 cm total length (claws included). They
are also one of the best Baramundi baits around.

>Is "Photo 4" really a Red Claw. It doesn't look like a Cherax but more like
>one of your tropical freshwater prawns. I can't remember the name but they
>are fished for and apparently taste pretty good.
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>> There are rainbowfish in the largest freshwater public aquarium in
>> Australia. There are also other creatures that you can look at while you
>> are there. Mike Rozac has been working on a web page for the Territory
>> Wildlife Park Aquarium and his work can be viewed at
>> There are photos
>> of
>> some native Australians that live in the water around the Northern
>> Territory of Australia.
>> Dave Wilson