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The WWF Global Network is pleased to bring you this brief update regarding
recent developments in its International site.

Early this month, we launched the following major campaigns:

WWF 2000 - The Living Planet Campaign (http://www.panda.org/livingplanet),
which provides many ways in which you can get involved with our global
efforts in conservation. This is an Agenda for Global Action of which we
all need to become a part!

Forests For Life - A major effort to reverse destruction of forests and to
protect our forest for future generations
(http://www.panda.org/tda/forest/new/). Central to this section are
detailed maps of protected areas in 82 countries.

Climate Change Campaign - A critical effort working in over 25 countries to
raise awareness of global climate change that threatens wildlife and natural
ecosystems, and to pressure governments into taking action

Endangered Seas Campaign - Destructive and indiscriminate fishing methods
are causing catastrophic declines in fish stocks, depriving future
generations of food and seriously disrupting ocean Life. WWF's Endangered
Seas Campaign (http://www.panda.org/tda/seas/campaign/) is making great
strides towards preserving our seas.

Coming later this year, we will be integrating real-time video throughout
the site using VivoVideo and VDOLive. This is already available in certain
parts of the WWF 2000 Campaign section (http://www.panda.org/livingplanet),
so check it out and give us your feedback!

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