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I would like to invite you all to visit the Committee for the National
Institute for the Environment's web site.

We are developing a proto-type National Library for the Environment, an
on-line source of environmental information. The address is

To activate the project, the CNIE has put on-line over 200 short
Congressional Research Service (CRS) reports on environmental issues. Our
site has reports covering a range of environmental topics including:

Agency Profiles Air
Biodiversity Climate
Energy Forestry
Information Sources International
Legislation Marine
Mining Pesticides
Pollution--General Population
Public Lands Regulatory Reform
Risk Assessment Science & Tech.
Stratospheric Ozone Trade, Taxes & Econ.
Transportation Resources--General
Waste Management Water Quality
Wetland & Aquatic

CRS, part of the Library of Congress, provides nonpartisan information on
any subject of interest to Congress. CRS products undergo careful review for
accuracy, thoroughness, technical soundness, balance, nonpartisanship and

The Committee for the National Institute for the Environment is a nonprofit
organization with broad support from the scientific, environmental, state
and local government, and business communities. Its mission is to improve
the scientific basis for making decisions on environmental issues through
institutional reform of the federal government and the creation of a
nonregulatory science agency known as the National Institute for the

Please feel free to let me know what you think of our web site.

Juge Gregg
Director, Academic Relations

Juge Gregg
Director, Academic Relations
Committee for the National Institute for the Environment
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