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Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 19:26:21 -0400
From: World Wildlife Fund <wwf at worldwildlife.org>
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Subject: WWF Celebrates Year of the Ocean 98

Here's some information on a new site from the World
Wildlife Fund I thought you would find useful. I hope you
can check it out and, possibly, link to the site.

WWF Celebrates Year of the Ocean Ď98

The ocean is a vast frontier. It contains a dizzying array
of species and habitats. But the oceanís vastness masks
the vulnerability of the life it holds, and much of this marine
world is currently endangered by a host of complex threats.
WWFís new Year of the Ocean Ď98 Web site -- located at
http://www.worldwildlife.org/yoto -- explores the wonder of
the oceanís spaces and species, focusing on the threats
that currently endanger our planetís oceans and what all of
us can do to help save our seas.

This approach is exemplified by the Sharks in Trouble feature,
which explains how these legends of the sea are now among
the most vulnerable creatures on Earth. WWF is a global
leader in the movement for increased shark conservation, and
Year of the Ocean '98 users have access to a wide variety of
information on sharks and the threats to their continued survival.
>From the site, users can also send messages supporting shark
conservation to President Clinton and other worldwide

Users can also learn more about our planetís essential marine
habitats, as well as the species who live in this underwater
world. Special emphasis is given to sharks and the increasing
need for shark conservation, whales and the effects that toxics
are having on these giants of the sea, and the recent issue of
sea turtles and the shrimp trade. Site visitors can also learn
what WWF is doing to protect our seas, and what they can
do in their everyday lives to help protect sharks and all of our
planetís oceans.

Oceans cover two-thirds of the planetís surface. Threats to
our oceans are truly global threats, and actions taken in one
part of the world can gravely affect habitat and species
halfway around the globe. With the Year of the Ocean Ď98
Web site, WWF hopes that people everywhere will learn more
about our planetís oceans and the creatures who live there, as
well as the impending threats to this marine world and, most
importantly, what each of us can do to help save our seas.

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