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ASOMUSEO-- the Association for the Development of the Museum
of Natural Sciences of UNELLEZ (Experimental University
of the Llanos) in Guanare, Estado Portuguesa, Venezuela --
is a registered private non-profit organization whose goal is direct
support of the Museum and the museums' development of associated
research and conservation administrators and professors, but also
the local community leaders; businessmen, agriculturalists, high school
teachers, etc...., and thus achieves broad local recognization and support.

At present, ASOMUSEO is managing a very successful program,
funded by a grant fromthe New York Zoological Society, to encourage
conservation efforts on privately owned Venezuelean farms and cattle
ranches. A nuisance jaguar relocation effort is scheduled to begin
this year under this program. ASOMUSEO also manages the Graduate
Program in Wildlife and Fisheries Management at UNELLEZ. This program
is funded by the United States Fish and Wildlife Foundation, and is a
center for the production of conservation professionals for all of
South America.

The Natural History Museum, Guanare,includes a zoology museum
with fish, reptile, bird, mammal and invertebrate collections and all
the associated research programs. The fish collection is actively
growing, includes more than 28,000 lots, all computer catelogued
and has been designated the National Despository. Dr.Donald
Taphorn has received Congressional Medal of Honor from the Venezuelan
Congress for his work in developing the Zoological Museum. A soils
museum, library, and a very active herbarium are also included. Ground
has been broken for new Museum of Biodiversity building that will increase
collection and herbarium space three times and add a large exhibit and education
area, lacking in the present collection space.

Contributors -- Contributors to ASOMUSEO become members
of the association andreceive Biolania, the museum publication. Contributions
are applied directly to the purposes of this museum without any deduction
for overhead or administration costs. Contribution to ASOMUSEO the most
cost effective way to participate in the effort to UNDERSTAND and CONSERVE
the vast natural heritage of South American biodiversity.

Funds are urgently needed for museum supplies, library, vehicle
maintenance, field support,and construction. Example $50.00 US
will support a student worker for a month, and $20.00 a month will
support a qualified laboratory technician.

CONTRIBUTIONS TO: Dr. Donald Taphorn
ASOMUSEO,Museo de Zoologia
Guanare, Portuguesa
Venezuela 3310