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Dear Friends: Here's an update from WA DC on reauthorization of the
Magnuson Fishery Management and Conservation Act. Find an extra 5
minutes in your busy life & make a very valuable contribution...as
described below.

Best Wishes,

Linda Martin

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June 17, 1996

To All People Concerned About Fish,

As many of you know, the Magnuson reauthorization battle has been
taking place for nearly four years. We've succeeded in getting a
strong bill, H.R. 39, passed by the House of Representatives (last
October) and a good bill, S. 39, passed by the Senate Commerce
Committee in late March of this year. But S. 39 has been stalled.
It must be voted on and passed by the full Senate by the end of
this month or else we have little chance for completion
of reauthorization this year! (A conference committee needs to
reconcile differences between House- and Senate-approved bills and
then both chambers must again vote - that means Senate
must act by the end of next week!)

To help push the Senate into action, the Marine Fish Conservation
Network is trying to get as many people to weigh in on Monday, June
24th with their two senators. We also need to get more pressure on
the new majority leader from Mississippi, Trent Lott. If you are
from MS or know of anyone there who could help, please alert them.
Majority Leader Lott is the one with the power to bring this bill
to the floor. He happens to be a cosponsor of S. 39, although
fisheries reform is not yet on the top of his agenda. With some
strong grassroots pressure, we can make Magnuson reauthorization a
top priority for him and the others senators!

Please take action to help bring about positive change for the fish
and our nation's fisheries. You can help by bouncing this message
to as many others as possible:

National "Phone for the Fish Day" Monday, June 24!!

After nearly four years' delay, time is running out for
the U.S. Senate to vote on S. 39, to reauthorize the
Magnuson Fishery Conservation and Management Act.

Please call your two U.S. senators MONDAY, at 202/224-3121.
Urge them to pass S. 39 before the end of June. Otherwise,
reauthorization could be delayed two more years. That would mean
further collapse of our fisheries, loss of jobs, and more harm to
America's economy and fishing communities.

Tell them that S. 39 is good for jobs, recreation, the economy, and
the environment. Pass S. 39 now and help conserve America's
fisheries into the 21st century!

For your senators' names call the Fish Network at 202/546-0707.

Your brief calls this MONDAY could make the difference!

Marine Fish Conservation Network
1250 24th Street, NW, 5th Floor
Washington, DC 20037
(202)546-0707/Fax (202)546-0732