[acn-l] DSAC conservation trip 19-21 February

peter.unmack at ASU.Edu
Sun, 10 Jan 1999 20:47:53 -0700 (MST)

Desert Springs Action Committee -
Ash Spring, Nevada, 19/20/21 FEB 1999.

Boy it seems like we all have just got home from the last one and then here we
go out again on another important Habitat Restoration assignment.

This trip is of a nature that goes back to our roots as an organization
(DSAC). We will be travelling for the weekend to the southeastern area of
Nevada. To many of us this is not new, we have just grown accustomed to
settling in around Ash Meadows and having a holiday with the exotics.

A new biologist has taken over this region and I think it is high time to say
hello. Lets all pitch in a give a hardy greeting, conservation volunteer
style, and meet with Jerry Stein, Nevada Division of Wildlife, for a good
solid weekend of work and fun helping restore aquatic habitats in this area.

Please send in your registration fee by February 6, 1999. It is only
$10.00 and it entitles you to a great western BBQ Friday evening. The
remainder of foods and supplies will be your responsibility.

The specific details of the trip are as follows.


February 19-21

Ash Spring is our destination. It is located on Hwy 93 between Las Vegas and

>From the Bay Area the best route is probably 50 west to Ely, 318 south, Ash
Spring is just south of the junction of 318 and 93.

Meet at the headspring just north of the fenced off area of the spring. This
is BLM land. Meet at 9am Friday morning.

There is BLM land in the surrounding area, although I don't have any details,
you can camp there with no probs. No camping is allowed by the spring. There
are three hotels a few miles south at Alamo.

ALAMO AUTO MOTEL............................(702) 725-3336

ALAMO MOTEL.................................(702) 725-3371

LITTLE A'LE'INN.............................(702) 729-2515

Jerry Stein indicates the Alamo Motel is around $35-37 a night for two people.
The others are probably similarly priced.

In the event of inclement weather (ie snow causing road closures) the trip
will be cancelled and rain check's for the BBQ will be issued. If weather
looks like it could be a problem contact one of us (numbers at the end).

Weather in this region is usually fine, around 50 during the day, around the
high 20's low 30's at night. However, conditions can change, while rare, snow
is a possibility.

Main purpose of the visit to Ash Spring is to remove exotics (mollies, convict
cichlids, damnbusia) and to undertake a population count on springfish.

We will probably undertake a second trip this fall to Moapa around the 16-18th
of April, (the weekend before the BAKA West Coast Weekend conference).

Please send in your $10 check for the BBQ ticket filled out to:

James Lawson
802 Arlington Way
Martinez, CA 94553

For further information please call -
Jim Lawson (925) 335-9346 or email: jelawson at ix.netcom.com
Peter Unmack (602) 965 1578 or email: peter.unmack at asu.edu
For any further updates check the website - www.tkphotos.com/dsac/index.htm


Desert Springs Action Committee