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Subject: restricted species lists; records of non-indigenous species

We're compiling an annotated list of non-indigenous aquatic species that
have been reported "in the wild" in North America, including species that
have become established and those that have not.

Do you know from whom we could obtain the following types of information
for your area:

(1) Records of non-indigenous animals or plants (especially aquatic
species) reported from your state or province, including both established
and not-established species. (Note that in some regions lists of
non-indigenous species may be kept separately. In other regions--as in
California--records of all fish or all reptiles & amphibians that have been
reported in the state have been compiled, which include information on
non-indigenous species.)

(2) The lists of plants or animals that are specifically prohibited or
restricted by law or regulation from being imported into or released in the
state or province; and the relevant section of the law or regulation. (Most
states have such lists. They are variously referred to as "Noxious Weed"
lists, "Injurious Animals" lists, "Restricted Species" lists, etc.)

If you have any information or contacts that could help us with this,
please send a copy to me by email with a cc: to <cristina at sfei.org>; or a
hard copy to me at the address below.

Thanks for your help,

Andy Cohen

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