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>>> I am with the Montgomery County Planning Department in
>>>> Maryland and we are trying to protect a brown trout
>>>> population in a suburban area. We are in the process of
>>>> acquiring large tracts of land for conservation parks and
>>>> are limiting impervious surfaces in the watershed to 10
>>>> percent.
>>>Seems funny how much money some people will put into protecting certain
>>>exotic species. If only native fish were as sexy to most folk as exotic
>>>ones....... All done in the name of conservation too. I wonder what effect
>>>this has on the native fauna and what considerations are going into the
>>>impacts of brown trout before they spend the money on so called "habitat
>Before passing judgement, I'd need more context. The brown trout population
>is already there. Would you get rid of it? Is there a native population of
>trout to restore? What is the objective of the conservation park?

It is probably unlikely that one could remove the brown trout thus I
wouldn't try and get rid of them (although I am completely unfamiliar with
this area). I don't know if there is a native population of trout there and
I don't care what trout are there, my point is that habitat restoration work
for an introduced species is misplaced. If any habitat improvement is to be
done it should in such a way that at least the native species also benefit
rather than possibly being at their expense. It may well be that habitat
improvement could benefit both native and exotic species. However, I don't
think the native species were being considered in the development of the plan.