Threatened Australian Freshwater Fishes

Peter J. Unmack

The following is a graphical representation of the distribution of threatened Australian freshwater fish species based on biogeographical provinces as developed by Unmack (2001) as well as by states and territories. This is all a little bit out of date now, but the general details have not changed over time. Threatened species information was taken from the Australian Society for Fish Biology's Threatened Fishes Committee. I used their 2001 listing which at the time was the most recent they had on their website. Their listing is based on IUCN categories. If a species was listed in any of their categories then I included them in the calculations. The current list of Australian freshwater fishes can be found here, although it will be slightly different to the list of the 210 species included in the graphics below.

Total species richness by biogeographic province or by state.

Threatened species richness by biogeographic province or by state.

Percentage threatened species richness by biogeographic province or by state.

Most threatened species richness based on only those species listed as critically endangered or endangered by biogoegraphic province or by state.

Just for fun I thought I'd include the total number and percentage of endemic species per biogeographic province, as well endemics and percentages by state.

Unmack, P. J. 2001. Biogeography of Australian freshwater fishes. Journal of Biogeography. 28: 1053-1089.
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