I would dearly like to thank my parents, Jean and Stan, for allowing me to pursue my own goals and all their tremendous help and support throughout the years, and my sister Julie for her generous financial assistance. Without them, I woul d not have been able to accomplish all that I have. I would like to thank my committee members, W. Minckley, T. Dowling, J. Fouquette, and E. Stump for their support and willingness to assist me in whatever way I needed.

During three months in Australia I was assisted by far too many people to mention all of them. However, some deserve special mention, including G. Briggs, C. Brumley, R. Francis, B. Hansen, R. Pulverenti, A. Robbins, J. Wager, and R. Wager. These ind ividuals provided one or more of the following: field assistance, accommodation, and made their vehicles and homes available to me. Several also shared expenses.

Thanks to the following museums and staff for access to collections and for assistance with my many queries: American Museum of Natural History, B. Brown; Australian Museum, M. McGrouther; California Academy of Sciences, D. Catania; Field Museum of Nat ural History, K. Swagel; Museums and Art Galleries of the Northern Territory, H. Larson; Queensland Museum, J. Johnson; South Australian Museum, T. Sim; United States National Museum, J. Williams; University of Michigan Museum of Zoology, D. Nelson; Museu m of Victoria, T. Bardsley and M. Gomon; and the Western Australian Museum, S. Morrison. The following individuals also provided considerable assistance with information regarding fish occurrences and for commenting on fish distributions: G. Allen, S. Br ooks, B. Hansen, B. Herbert, A. Hogan, P. Humphries, P. Kailola, A. Kemp, M. Kennard, C. Marshall, R. McDowall, B. Pusey, T. Raadik, A. Sanger, and R. Wager. Thanks to P. Bishop, B. Joyce, I. McDougall, C. Pain, J. Stephenson, R. Twidale, and P. Wellman for assistance with geological information. Thanks to J. Rohlf for help with NTSYS. M. Douglas, W. Fagan , and R. Minckley also provided valuable assistance and advice regarding the analysis. Thanks to the Australian Geological Survey Office and C. Buc hanan for allowing access to bathymetric data and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and G. de Hoedt for providing GIS coverages. Thanks to H. Hieronimus for providing the comment that rainbowfishes may only be two or three million years old that re-ig nited my interest in this subject. Finally, I would like to thank all those people not mentioned above who also provided invaluable support and assistance with achieving my degree.