Biogeography of Australian Freshwater Fishes

Peter J. Unmack

This web page presents the results of my Master's thesis, the Biogeography of Australian Freshwater Fishes undertaken at Arizona State University as well as ongoing research into the biogeographic patterns of aquatic organisms in Australia and other information pertaining to Australian freshwater fishes.

There are two parts to these pages, some general bits and pieces and the thesis itself.

Thesis text

If you are interested in going straight to the text then click here. The text is available in two formats, html and pdf.

Other bits of interest

Bibliography of genetic studies on Australian freshwater organisms including fishes, turtles, crayfishes, shrimps, and other invertebrate groups.

Australian freshwater species with nomenclural authorities and dates.

Australian freshwater fish fossils whose occurrences extend into Tertiary (the last 65 million years).

Incorrect records of freshwater fishes from the literature and museum records, and other miscellaneous bits of information.

Freshwater fish species richness based on strictly freshwater species (167 species).

Freshwater fish species endemism based on strictly freshwater species (167 species).

Drainage connectivity during lowered sea-level

An examination of patterns of threatened fish occurrence in Australia.

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