RE: [RML] power out: helpful hints on what to do?

Paul Carter (Paul.Carter at
Wed, 9 Sep 1998 16:12:55 +0100

Dianne asked

Our power is down now for the third day in a row. At least the
weather is in
the 60s (F degrees) today, it has been in the 70s. . My ' bows
seem to be
doing well- swimming and eating when they can see the food. Any
hints? I'm not sure if they would be better off not being fed
for the rest
of the time to reduce spoilage of the uneaten food they can't
see? Of course
the corys and plecs in the tank can clean it up....... We are
another few days without power. The power company has gotten
power back to
40,000 of the 100,000 people without power in two days; What a
thanks in advance,

Keeping any temperature fluctuations to as slow a rate as
possible should be your aim, so if possible insulate your tank with a
blanket or any polystyrene pieces (if you have them).

But more importantly, after 12 hours the bacteria in your
filters will be dead, and you don't want them starting up and polluting
your tank. So you should give them a good clean, ready for when the
power is restored. On the same idea, don't feed too much now without any
filtration, and remember that it will take some time for the filters to
recover to normal operating efficiency. Most adult fish can cope without
food for a week or so.

All the best
From autumnal England where we have just had the remnants of two
of your hurricanes (Bonny and Danielle)