Re: [RML] Sydney Water

Effie Howe (how168 at
Thu, 3 Sep 1998 16:09:37 +1000 (EST)

Thanks for the information Gary. Now I think I'm worried. I have never
really had any large fish kills with water changes (only the odd fish). I do
want to clear one thing up. I wasn't really saying that aeration would
eliminate chloramines. I knew that it didn't. I generally age my water for
at least a week and I don't do large water changes. However at present I
have some stored water from before they told us to boil the water for
drinking and I guess to be on the safe side I'll have to dechlorinate or add
sodium thiosulphate. I just rang Sydney water and they are using chloramines
and say they always have. They say it could be a bit erratic at present as
they are trying to make sure the water is safe to drink.