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Larry you are full of SHIT!


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> From: Larry Stein <lstein at>
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> Subject: [RML] San Fran. Convention
> Date: Friday, September 26, 1997 7:47 PM
> I had the incredible opportunity to go the SF that past weekend and this
> the first time I have had to write about my experience.
> First, let me say that Kim and Gary did a wonderful job at setting this
> thing up. The speakers where all first rate!
> Second, having been in the aquarist hobby for many years and only in the
> last year becoming a Bowhead I had read all of Jerry Allen's books and
> dreamt of meeting him. So one might imagine my thrill to meet such an
> illustrious speaker. I even met the person named after the P. Connieae
> (his wife).
> Third, I was able to meet and drink with some old farts from Australia,
> namely Neil Armstrong(SB) and Bruce Hansen, Let me say if Australia ever
> gets tired of these old men I would gladly help sponsor them for
> citizenship here in the US. Bruce and Neil are really boring and have
> few redeeming values but we here in the US take pity on those kinds.
> Roy Hunter, What can be said about Roy? A drunk? A party animal? maybe
> he is just a nice guy with an attitude? I don't want to destroy his
> I for one actually liked him, but then I also would try to find
> to like in OJ Simpson (maybe he wears nice shoes).
> I also met a giant of a fish fan in Tammy. If I ever need the to reach
> down some of my stuff I keep on the tops of my cabinets I hope she would
> available to help me. I would have chatted with her longer but anyone
> can look DOWN onto my huge bald spot makes me feel somewhat
> I know I am not mentioning half of the people I spoke with here, but
> you get the drift. People who keep fish as a real hobby are really a
> fun bunch of folks, and if its not to forward I would like to be able to
> call you all new friends.
> Thanks again to Kim and Gary and Jonathan and all the organizers of this
> affair, you did a wonderful job and deserve a hearty handshake and pat on
> the back.