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Here is the fact sheet that used to be available. Now that the RML has
changed ownership to Alan Salmon some things may have changed but
subscribing and unsubscribing should be the same, ie.,

send mail to "Majordomo at" with one of the
following commands in the body of your email message: as appropriate...
subscribe rainbowfish
unsubscribe rainbowfish



>>>> info rainbowfish [Last updated on: Thu Jun 13 16:34:03 1996]

Rainbowfish Mailing List FAQ V1.4 13.06.96

Welcome to the Rainbowfish Mailing List!

Here's the general information for the list you've subscribed to, in case you don't already have it:

Please retain this message: it contains important information that you require to get the most out of the list.

If you ever want to remove yourself from this mailing list, send the following command in email to "rainbowfish-request at": unsubscribe Or you can send mail to "Majordomo at" with the following command in the body of your email message:

unsubscribe rainbowfish

You can retrieve this file in the future by sending mail to:

Majordomo at

with: info rainbowfish

in the body of the message. Similarly, you can get help on the use of all the Majordomo commands that you have access to by sending a message to:

Majordomo at

with: help

in the body of the message.

This list is intended to be used by people who enjoy, breed, study, or talk about Rainbowfish.

Rainbowfish belong to the Family Melanotaeniidae. Rainbowfish are only found in Australia New Guinea and Irian Jaya.

Rainbows are popular aquarium fish for many reasons. They are generally hardy, smallish fish that require little space and very little equipment to maintain them.

Rainbows are egg scatterers, and their eggs are unusually tough and can be handled without fear of harm, so they are commonly traded through the mail. While all prefer live foods, most are undemanding eaters. Rainbows can generally be purchased in pet shops, but they are easy to obtain from members of such organizations as the Nth. American Rainbowfish Study Group (RSG), the International Rainbowfish Group(IRG) and ANGFA (Australia New Guinea Fishes Association).

The best starting point for inquiry is the ANGFA (National) Home Page

http://www.fisher at

addtitional addresses are, (RSG Home Page) (ANGFA ACT Home Page)

Discussion of issues affecting Australian/New Guinean Fishes in general is acceptable.

Administrivia: This list *is* moderated. The current owners are:

Alan Ford (aford at Andrew Boyd (andrew at

Flaming policy - While healthy discussion is encouraged from differing points of view (that is what the list is for!) - sustained personal attacks are definately not: first offence earns you a warning, but the second will result in you being deleted from the list.

Copyright Information: All postings to the list are deemed to be public comment, and therefore reproduceable in other forms to aid the dissemination of information about Rainbowfish. However, common courtesy would dictate that all reproduction be cleared with the author(s) of the original posting(s). Articles may be posted to the list for general comment prior to publication in outside fora. The list co-owners take no resposibility for any non-compliance.

The RML Archive is at - all postings are theoretically archived there once a month.

Complaints - All complaints about the list *must* be sent to one of the two owners above or to the list itself. The AUUG and PCUG have nothing to do with the administration of the list, and are letting us use their server(s) for nothing on trust, if we abuse that trust they reserve the right to shut the list down.


-----Original Message----- From: Robert Frank <robert.frank at> To: rainbowfish at <rainbowfish at> Date: Wednesday, 17 September 1997 5:52 Subject: [RML] Hi all!

>Hello! I've been lurking for a couple months, when I get time to read >through the messages, and thought now I would introduce myself. I've >been keeping rainbows for a little over a year, mostly the bigger New >Guinea varieties, and have to say they're fat and sassy. > >Have learned a bunch from you all, and look forward to learning more. > >Since I subscribed to the message group here at work, I have decided to >cancel the emails coming here and sign myself back up again at home. >Problem is, I have deleted the majordomo message that tells me how to do >that. > >Can anyone help? > Robert Frank