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Roy Hunter (roy at
Thu, 11 Sep 1997 18:22:58 -0600

*some* people spend upwards of $5,000 to get a batch of fish here before it
is all said and done. Are YOU willing or able to do that?? Werent you
supposed to go to Darwin in July?? But you couldnt because of the cost, I
DO understand. Have you offered to trad for any of the fish I have???

Do you think I am obligated to do all this when I am on vacation?? A few
weeks in the bush with Peter :-) is no vacation BELIEVE ME!

Let me see, If I spend $30 for a pair of fish, breed them, sell the 50
offspring for $3 ea I made $120 AND I have the original fish! AND there is
50 more in the hobby! Where is your fish and egg listing??? You are a
member of ANGFA and I dont have a list from you! :-)

Personally I think higher prices for fish is a good incentive for people to
breed them to get their money back and THAT helps them survive in the

Did you know a lot of the retail stores in Australia sell there own natives
for upwards of $25! Thetas each BTW :-)

Personally I think Australian fish are worth every penny!

Roy Hunter
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> From: jazep at
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> Subject: Re: [RML] wish list
> Date: Thursday, September 11, 1997 10:01 AM
> Amen Chris! (say Yay-ess!) ;)
> On Thu, 11 Sep 1997, chris drew wrote:
> > There are 100= people in ANGFA NA and 300+ in the RSG. So the people
> > that are trading and selling represents about 2.5% of the membership.
> > Can't we do better than that? I think we'll have to, if we want any
> > significant
> > portion of the species we currently have to be around in two or three
> > years.
> I did a count... He's right, yunno. Sad but true. :(
> > So Roy and Gary before you "knee jerk" to this idea give it some
> > thought.
> > It would be a nice reward for the folks who have been working hard to
> > keep the species going. No doubt I would benefit from this idea but
> > tell me what you think.
> Another thought: folks who keep plants often get together and place a
> very large order to make the costs per plant cheaper and to reduce the
> person postage costs. Perhaps RSG/ANGFA NA could do a similar thing,
> sending to Oz/Europe for a large quantity of fish at a time, but for a
> number of members here. It would spread the costs out of getting the
> things here, and would get new spp into the members' hands at a reduced
> cost (still prob not cheap, but better anyhow, than going and getting
> oneself). One person would have to be incharge of the logistics of such
> enterprise, and of course, all $$ up front. Getting that volunteer (and
> the nec paperwork) would probably be as big a task as anything, tho'. ;)
> > G.maculosus is a great example. Who do you know that has this fish?
> > How well has it been distributed? NOT At ALL! Why?
> Tell me about it!!!!!!! :( What, TWO people have those kids.... MAYBE?!?

> I've been hearing about them being in this country for at least the last
> year, but where the heck are they? You are right, Chris, "Why?" It is
> pretty pathetic if you ask me. I would kill to get those fish, but don't
> have a clue as to how to get em, cause the one guy who said he had em
> never released any to my knowledge.... despite even advertising them. I
> responded to that ad and never heard another thing afterward.
> Hell, that's ok, Buddy, you are also the only one out there who wants any
> of these Mogurnda pulchra that I am trying to distribute into the hobby
> here. Cheap, too, unlike *some* people. ;) It'll probably end up that
> they get out to maybe 6 people and the rest go to a wholesaler and get
> lost forever. :( Again, pathetic. This IS gonna happen if the hobbyists
> don't ask for em soon tho'. No wonder the Europeans don't often go to the
> trouble of sending us fish if this is the response.
> Awright, off the box now...
> Julie <><