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Alan Salmon (asalmon at
Fri, 27 Sep 1996 09:54:17 +1000

We call that simply Black Algae. Mongrel stuff that can take over under the "right" conditions.

Peter Hughes has done some testing with algae eaters (sp. Otoclinus (sp?)) with I believe, good results.

The best cure for it is to take everything from the tank to your local tip, steralize thoroughly with Potassium permanganate solution that is so dark that you can barely see through it. Leave the tank to soak like that for a couple of months....

Personally, I find a gallon of petrol and a match works best....

PS. Note the time your message was sent... either you are time travelling or your PC's clock is wrong!

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>What does black beard algae look like?
Well, it has one wooden leg, a hook at the end of his left arm, a patch over
one eye and of course a long black beard. Arh ha me maties!

Im not sure if Ive named it coreectly but thats what it looks like. It grows
in little tufts on the edges of slower growing plants. Grows to about 4-5mm
long and is black to brown in colour.

Off to my conference, will chat next week. Hope you have a great weekend.
How did you do at weigh in????



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