Re: Glossostigma and a problem

Andrew Boyd (andrew at
Tue, 24 Sep 1996 23:51:36 +1000

At 10:22 AM 9/24/96 +0930, Gail wrote:

>I guess I have to reduce the fish load. How many fish do you think a 120cm
>tank should carry.

Umm, this is all very IMHO, but tropical freshwater fish in the 3-4cm class,
in a well-planted well filtered four-foot tank? I'd go for (and I know some
will shoot me down on this) a maximum of ten fish and a lot more plants...
The fish will grow to "fill" the tank (well, unless they aren't these fiddly
short-assed critters like M. praecox/pygmaea or Blue-eyes, that is ;) ) and
be happier/heathier for it, and show more colour accordingly...

Regards, Andrew Boyd

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