RE: Re: Spawning mats and frozen fish food

Bruce Hansen (bhansen at
Fri, 20 Sep 1996 07:54:33 +-1000

From: Adrian R. Tappin[SMTP:atappin at]
Sent: Friday, 20 September 1996 7:39

Harro said -
<. All processes
of rottening start in the second food is getting warm.>>

Adrian said -
<<I would have to agreed - all "live" source of food does start to spoil
minute it is "killed" but it doesn't mean it is dangerous to our fish or

Of course both are right, it is just a matter of time before one situation
leads to the other. Adrian's example was apt and of course the European
practice of "hanging" game in a cool larder for several days was another
example of the same process ( with the addition of a judicious bacterial
component). I assume all listmembers would immediately think of this when
someone praised a " well-hung boar or pheasant" :-) :-)
This whole discussion has "thee-thawed" somewhat and I feel some common
sense is needed by each individual as to which "religion" they wish to
follow. For my part I don't feel any need to thaw first and I don't feel
that the food will be rotten before it hits the substrate. :-)

Bruce Hansen