RE: Re: Spawning mats and frozen fish food

Harro Hieronimus (Harro.Hieronimus at
Thu, 19 Sep 96 09:57 +0100

Adrian wrote:

<They must have been using the wrong brand of frozen fish food or buying it
<from the wrong shop ;-) thats why I advocate defrosting the food under the
<tap, you wash all the liquid away? and its defrosts quicker! As for no fish
<ever drying from eating frozen food - I'll save that for later - but I
<repeat my earlier staement "fish don't eat frozen food in nature then why
<feed it to them in captivity?"

Sorry Adrian,

but you're wrong. The results of the examination of frozen food are
from scientists from the Rostock fishery institute, to mention Prof.
Bremer as its most important representative. They examined frozen
food (and you can be sure, they examined also the best ones frozen
without any liquid) and they found that every frozen foods gets spoiled
from the second on it comes to a temperature of about 0C. All processes
of rottening start in the second food is getting warm. And if you are
honest to yourself, it takes several minutes until you have fed the
defrosted food. Additionally many of the blood worms or whatever
you take will additionally fall down to the aquarium bottom and
waste the water. That has been examined carefully and it happens.
No fish ever has died in these experiments because of eating frozen
food - which they normally don't do as they nip at the frozen food piece
and then just take what they can get loose - what normally is already
warmer than ice. Fish can't get a cooled stomach like human! Although
they, and that's where you're right, don't eat frozen fish food in nature.
But they eat fresh food and that's what we should try to supply them with
also in aquarium. So don't defrost your frozen food before feeding if you
want to have best quality and lesser water quality changes. You can't do
a water change every time you fed (or you should feed more often :-)) and
should try to put as many waste into the water as possible. I know the
results sound strangely but that's really true science result.


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