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Alan Ford (aford at
Thu, 12 Sep 1996 09:55:33 +1000

Hi Rhonda,

Good to see another big Barramundi in the pond...

I regularly feed ants to my rainbows and believe me they love them.

The method I use to catch them is similar to some of those already
explained. However i use a small jar baited with honey/jam etc. I leave
the lid off and place the jar next to the ant nest. After an hour or so the
jar usually contains a good number of ants, I catch the small black ones, I
hope you have them over there but I guess it may not really matter what type
they are, providing they are not large enough to damage your fish. I then
put on gloves to avoid being bitten (yeah call me a sook) <g> and place the
lid back on the jar. I then dunk the jar into an aquarium (lid removed) and
watch the fish go mad.

A word of warning though if your aquarium is in the house. The ants are not
stupid and will try to crawl out of the tank via a large plant, heater cable
or airline. Ants in the lounge room are not a good thing. :-( Of course
they are a different matter in the fish room :-)

Alan F.

>I'm new to keeping rainbows but have had a reasonable amount of other
>fishkeeping experiance. I've been keeping fish for most of my life. I've bred
>some livebearers, cichlids and anabantoids. I would have to say my main
area in
>aquarium keeping is with aquatic plants. I have quite a few smaller aqariums,
>almost all planted, in my fishroom and house. I have somewhat unusual aquarium
>keeping techniques in that I don't use filters in any of my tanks.


>My question concerns something I was reading in Dr. Allens book,
"Rainbowfish In
>Nature and in the Aquarium". On page 20 he mentions that ants are a part of
>their natural diet. I have plenty of ants here in my yard. It's truly amazing
>the number of ants in Arizona. I was wondering if anyone had used ants as
>rainbow food and what sort results they had.
>Also does any one have a way of catching them so as not to get bit. I have a
>nasty reaction to ant bites and would rather avoid them. On the same line of
>thought I'm concerned that they could bite the fish.
>Thank you,
Alan Ford aford at Canberra, Australia
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