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Fri, 09 Sep 2005 18:48:52 -0700

For shipping in very soft H20, I would not use it. Lundblad said he had
problems doing this and I believe he did not 3 to 5 times it like you say
you did. He stopped using Amquel a long time ago, and when he did use it, it
was only the powdederd stuff. Not sure why you don't just use the powdered
stuff, and just mix a stock solution in a small amount and then use this in
the bags -- it'd be a great way to control dosage, I would think, and you
could make up what you needed of the stock solution on the spot. I know you
don't like Polyfilter, but this is what i use for many things and it works
well for me. Polyfilter absorbs all sorts of organics, too, not just
ammonia, so I do not use anyting else with like, like Meth Blu or etc. It
would just absorb that too, so it'd be counter productive. I used this
bringing back fish from Peru and I believed it helpsed a bunch.

Julie <'><

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>Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2005 08:41:07 -0700 (PDT)
>Julie, I wouldn't be so concerned about Amquel except for that many have
>used it in the process of collecting fish and many of them in SA and west
>Africa, soft water areas. If there is a problem I want to show that I'm
>seeing those results too and that we might be better served using something
>else instead. My experiences of finding some very soft water in New Guinea
>had me concerned about what you had said about Amquel. For native fish
>collecting (in the MO area) we routinely double and even probably 5x or
>higher dose. No one is usally measuring, just squirting. Also, when
>available we're adding ice to the buckets to try to maintain the same
>temperature. That ususally also has chloramines in it if made locally so
>needs to be treated. But the minnows & darters collected usually come from
>fairly hard water streams so we never observed the results that you spoke
>of. I don't have a lot of buffering capacity in my local water so I
>thought that a 3x amount should cause the same
> problems and the pH should drop. I also didn't wait so I'll have to do
>this next time and also work with some RO at specific ppm hardness. The
>powered material isn't very handy for collecting as a little goes a real
>long ways and I'm sure we'd end up overdosing.
>The guy John? that invented Amquel, I can't remember his name right now,
>from Kansas City also invented the stuff out there call "Ultimate". It is
>a blend of the "stuff" from Amquel and Novaqua, or the best of both worlds
>as far as dechlors are concerned. It appears that Kordon wasn't interested
>in picking up that product so he sold the rights to Hikari and they are now
>selling it. Have you found any problems with that causing low pH problems
>in your soft water? I was wondering if he fixed the problem with his next
>invention. If not I guess I'll have to give it a check out too. I think
>it's very adventageous to use an ammonia remover when collecting fish as
>they always dump in the bag. Even with frequent water changes before
>bagging they always make a mess so the anti ammonia stuff is helpful.
>Julie Zeppieri <bowluvr at> wrote:
>Hey Gary,
>Please remember a couple things about my water vs yours. Mine is basically
>RO from the tap. I have had unbuffered aquariums go down to pH 2.8 w/out me
>realising (the Apistos were very happy, but the java moss turned yellow and
>died, so I tested). I am not the oly one, and it happened when I worked at
>the local wholesaler's as well. I tested with our meter and YIKES!! With
>your RO water, be sure to aerate and let it sit. It works its magic over
>time, not immediately.
>The whole thing about Amquel being unsafe in this type of unbuffered water
>actually came from the dude who invented the stuff, and only really applies
>to the stuff you buy in liquid form. The dry powder form of Amquel is
>supposed to be safe. MOST situations liquid Amquel is fine, and so this is
>only a warning for those who may have low buffers and delay water changes,
>or wish to use it to ship fish in already low-pH water. Don't do this. Most
>other uses it is fine. I used it for YEARS with no probs but since I now
>keep small amounts of crushed coral in even tanks with discus, I am now
>careful. :-)
>Oh, and FWIW, I do have a friend who has an allergy to a dechlor (or
>really). She is allergic to Aloe Vera, and this is an ingredient in many
>commercial dechlorinators now. Stress Coat by Jungle is one that is common
>here. However, in this case I believe it is an organic in the tank. Just a
>hunch tho. Please, do test. :-)
>Julie <'><
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