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I think the Cherax papuae were in the PNG presentations. The small shrimp I
was thinking of was a Caridinia, I think, and I thought the species name was

I remember John Merrick giving a talk at Brisbane 5 years ago just after he
had written the "brown" book and he said the phrase ":someone should write a
book on ....." should be removed from the English language. Apparently he
had found the job of trying to assemble information on Australian FW inverts
to be a very daunting task indeed.

However I agree that the yabbies, shrimp and crabs are a fascinating little
group ( or maybe not such a little group).

BTW I think the Aqualog people did produce a special on this group but I
haven't seen a copy yet. Have you Harro?


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> At 06:33 27/10/99 +1000, Dr Bruce wrote:
> >Come to think of it Andrew, there were a few speakers who were extolling
> >gastronomic virtues of their subject material. I remember asking Glynn
> >Ayland if electrofishing improved the taste or texture of the flesh
> >he seemed to be so keen on telling us about the eating qualities.
> >
> >BTW I liked the look of those little "zebra" shrimp he showed us.
> The Cherax papuae (or whatever the bumblebee yabbies were) were pretty
> too. I think that there is a lot of fondness, both gastronomic and
> otherwise, for the yabbies/shrimp and so on. I'd like to go looking for
> them all one day, I think it might make an interesting book.
> Cheers, Andrew
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