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I think the odds are against you Roy. Who nearly ran out of diesel on Cape York hey? Sure blame John. You were just lucky that the Landrovers only redeeming feature saved you. Five gallons is enough for it to go from Weipa to the tip and back. Five gallon
s in a Yankee pick-up is just enough to warm the engine.

Sorry buddy. :-)

p.s. John has recently moved onto his new property.He was given some chooks last weekend. No prizes for guessing what he called the rooster. Never sleeps and is always crowing.

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> your full of shit! It was a vapor lock. There was still 5 gal of fuel
> left... :-)

Yeah Roy,

That's why you got under the truck, got that nice hollow sound when you
tapped on the tank, and then WALKED down the hill to get some fuel. I know,
the slope was so steep that we were parked on, that all the fuel ( we had
left, even if it was 5 gallons) had tipped to the back part of the tank
away from the outlet pipe. I guess each of those "hyperbolic" US gallons (
the 5 that you say were still there) must be equivalent to about an
Australian tablespoon ;-)

BTW tell the RMLers about the next little "thrill" we had at that same
"vapor lock" stop. Once again Roy stuffed it up! We had a chance to finally
get rid of the Budgie, once and for all. Roy had cleverly caused the
vehicle to stop getting fuel through to the engine on this 60+ degree
slope. Then while he was trying to figure out how to disguise the real
reason, so we wouldn't tell the world first chance we got, he had a flash
of brilliance and put his plan into action.

The next thing we knew he was doing his accellerator pumping, key turning,
epilepsy impersonation. Once he had our attention he then leapy out and
opened the fuel tank and advised us that the gentle hiss of escaping fumes
was proof positive of the mythical vapour lock. We then got out to try and
stop him from repeating the convulsion performance because we didn't fancy
a flat battery on top of no fuel. As he had accidentally chosen an
attractive spot for this performance we decided to collect our cameras from
the truck and make the most of it. Neil, who needs a whole back seat to
feel confortable surrounded by all his junk, had hopped in and I was right
behind the truck when it started to roll downhill backwards. The cunning
bastard had obviously planned to shut us up permanently so we couldn't tell
on him by failing to set the hand brake, as well as leaving it out of gear,
and this is on a 60+ degree slope.

Fortunately we are still here to tell the tale ;-) But I ask you. the jury
what do you think about it all. Even Roy would have to admit that this is
what happened. So would the Budgie who never lets the truth get in the way
of a good story. Trust me. I'm a doctor!



P.S. All you RML folk out there - you just keep those cards and letters
coming in. Who's version do you believe ? Roy's or mine ;-)

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