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Sat, 25 Oct 1997 07:56:35 +1000


I haven't seen any publishes figures on this but if you use the analogy of
food, most organic material seems to deteriorate significantly by the 2-3
week mark depending on the individual item's original freshness. So if you
wish to keep the filter longer than that I'd suggest using the freezer.
Many vaccines are freeze dried and Oral Polio Vacine is a frozen liquid
live vaccine. The commercial filter jumpstart products are prepared in a
similar way (I think).

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> To: list rainbowfish <rainbowfish at>
> Subject: [RML] stored, used charcoal
> Date: Saturday, 25 October 1997 0:26
> HI,
> I put a used, seasoned charcoal filter in a plastic bag and put it in
> the fridge to keep the biological filter going. How long can I keep it
> in the fridge? this technique worked very well for my move, but I only
> stored them for less than a week in the fridge.
> I'm setting up a 30g for my angel fish pair, they are NOT getting enough
> to eat with the piggey rainbows gobbling up all the food. It's kinda
> funny/sad to watch: the angels are poised to eat the blood worm but
> before they get close enough to get a bite, a bow zooms in and
> literally takes it out of their mouth. So the angels get the brine
> shrimp and flake food that the bows turn their noses up at.
> Thanks in advance for the advice.
> BTW, got my ANGFA newsletter yesterday! Looks good!
> Dianne