[RML] Psuedomugil web-site

Barry Meiklejohn (barrym at powerup.com.au)
Fri, 24 Oct 1997 07:39:52 +1000

G'day Mach

Re the tri web page. I want to scan the images in from the poster set, I
have even started cutting up one of the posters so that the pics will fit on
the scanner (sacrilege:-). I just haven't had time to finish the scanning

The images currently on the site are from Fishes of Sahul. If you want I
can do a heading for you like the one on the trifasciata site which would
add a bit of continuity or commonality between the two sites?


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From: Mach T. Fukada <tuhoitc at aloha.net>
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Date: Thursday, 23 October 1997 12:08
Subject: Re: [RML] Looking for bright Rainbows

>Fraid I haven't seen it yet. Been meaning to get one via ANGFA NA. I just
>haven't gotten around to it yet. What say I get one find out how difficult
>it would be to scan things and then if it is reasonible I sumbitt a
>proposal to you guys? I do have a scanner, Adobe Photoshop 3.04 and a
>little free time, I don't quite have the expertise yet to make printed
>materials look good on the computer. I am willing to try. I am guessing
>that this is what Barry has been doing for the M. trifasciata page, perhaps
>he can give me a few pointers...
>>That's why ANGFA has put so many resources into our publications -
>>especially the posters (have you seen the one on pseudomugils ?) and our
>>journal "Fishes of Sahul"
>>A web page for Blue-eyes would be great but getting good shots of all the
>>species is going to be difficult - if you wish to use the images from our
>>then please direct a request to the ANGFA national committe through me. We
>>usually approve non-profit promotional requests but we have to protect the
>>inerests of our generous photographers.
>Mach T. Fukada, Web Master
>Honolulu Aquarium Society